Article 5 December 2022

Board members meet colleagues delivering vital services for Amazon

Earlier this month, two of Mitie’s non-executive Directors Mary Reilly and Roger Yates visited Mitie colleagues working on the Amazon account in Coventry, to hear what’s working well at Mitie and what could be improved.

Mitie colleagues provide cleaning and janitorial services for Amazon, including waste movement and winter services.

Colleagues discussed the positive experience they have working on the Amazon account at Mitie, with good working relationships between colleagues and the senior leadership team there as well as colleagues working directly for Amazon.

One of the biggest things helping to drive that positive experience is the different engagement activities that Mitie’s senior leadership on the account run, including an initiative called “Night club”. Every few months, Mitie’s team at Amazon run a session for their colleagues who work night shifts to talk through latest updates and information from Mitie and also show them things such as how to access all the deals and discounts on Celebration Hub or access People Hub. This initiative was introduced in response to Upload, which showed that colleagues who worked nights on the account felt less connected.

Colleagues also spoke of great initiatives that really bring the team together including a Halloween dress up and a Christmas card competition.

Colleagues also discussed what could be improved, including access to better equipment to do their jobs and also access to a bonus scheme which will be fed back to the board and to senior leaders on the account.

Mary and Roger also had a tour of the busy warehouse in Coventry and the flurry of activity taking place as Amazon heads into peak Christmas season.

Mary said:

“A great visit and was delighted to hear from colleagues about their vital work in this amazing site.”

Strategic Account Director for Amazon, Kelly Yardley said:

“What a pleasure it was hosting Mary and Roger at Amazon in Coventry. Michael Thompson (Head of Operations) facilitated a guided site tour, following this our on-site frontline team were thrilled to spend some quality time with our VIP guests and talk about all things Mitie.

“Mitie’s biggest asset is our people, and our frontline employees are the beating heart of our business. It is imperative they are kept engaged and motivated, so we not only retain good people, but they also go the extra mile and deliver the exceptional every day to our clients. I passionately believe there is a direct link in terms of improved productivity and NPS as a result of highly engaged teams.

“To that effect we continuously strive to make Mitie and in particular the Amazon account a great place to work. So it was a privilege to have Mary and Roger take time out of their busy schedules to visit A-Team and provide constructive feedback as to how we could improve engagement further still.”


At Mitie, everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. So when we have something to say, MyVoice makes sure our message gets through – loud and clear.

By giving us all the opportunity to speak and be heard, we make things better, together. 

There are plenty of ways to share your insights and ideas for improving work at Mitie. Jenny Duvalier, one of Mitie’s non-executive directors is responsible for ensuring that the ‘colleague voice’ is considered in Board discussions and decisions. Jenny and the other non- executive directors have over the last 12 months she has been out visiting many of you up and down the country both virtually and in-person where possible to hear about your experiences of working at Mitie. Jenny and other board members will continue to do this over the next 12 months and will be visiting lots of different parts of Mitie.

Jenny recently visited DWP to spend time with our colleagues working a variety of roles on the contract. Read more here.