Article 13 August 2021

Bin the Bag

Mitie Waste have developed an innovative solution to reduce our use of single-use plastic liners. Bin the Bag completely removes plastic liners from this process, and instead relies on the caddies inside the bin to be emptied and cleaned with our non-toxic, biodegradable, natural and organic cleaning product. This product is made locally in the UK too, with 100% recycled materials, creating a circular loop! The compartments are separated into general waste, food, and dry mixed recycling. To enhance awareness and understanding of how the bin works, the consequences of unsustainable waste disposal, and the journey some waste products take, a QR code is situated on the bin, directing users to a SharePoint page with lots of relevant information! This is supported by the graphic accompanying the bin, with clear photos of what is allowed in each section.

Based on a ‘normal’ year of waste production in offices, this innovation will reduce our carbon emissions linked to the production of these single use plastic liners by over 3.5 tonnes annually.

Implementing this solution will also eliminate 40,000 plastic liners equating to 600kg a year, saving around £6,000 annually too.

As well as removing single use plastic liners, the Bin the Bag programme also improves the recycling rate. By having 3 chambers together in one location – general waste, dry mixed recycling, and food, staff are able to segregate their material at source which reduces the amount of it going as general waste.

The dry mixed recycling is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is sorted into product type, baled, and sent to be made back into new products. The food waste is taken to an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant where its converted into a soil conditioner and the methane is captured and made into electricity. The general waste is taken to an Energy from Waste (Efw) facility where it is incinerated to produce electricity.

So far, we have installed Bin the Bag at five of our offices: Loirston, Network Park, Chocolate Factory, Rutherglen, and South Shields. If any of these is your office, pop down and browse our SharePoint page via the QR code, there’s something to learn on there for everyone!

Our next tranche will involve eight more offices, keep your eyes peeled for Bin the Bag coming to your office!

We are now offering Bin the Bag to our clients, to assist in their waste reduction plans – if you think your client/contract would be interested in this innovation, please contact