Black History Month

Action not Words: Bringing your true self to work

What does it mean to bring ‘your true self to work?

Black History Month is a time to celebrate, learn about and understand Black history and culture. Just like the family you come from, your race, ethnicity and the environment you grew up in all has an impact in shaping your identity and your ability to be your true self. When you’re able to show up in the world as your true self, you give the best of who you are. 

Unfortunately, not everyone feels like they can show up in the workplace as their true selves because of discrimination, unconscious bias and a fear of being judged.

This Black History Month, we want to take action on tackling some of the issues our racially diverse colleagues are faced with, so we can positively impact how we make Mitie a more inclusive place for all.

Week 2: Reflection

This week during Black History Month we’re reflecting on experiences that may stop Mitie colleagues from bringing their true selves to work.

Did you know that despite an increased focus in diversity, equity and inclusion within companies, research shows that two in five ethnic minority workers have experienced racism at work with just a fifth reported racist incidents, half of whom were unhappy with how it was handled*.


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