Article 6 August 2021

A mile in Enable’s shoes raises £1,650

In June, members of our Enable network started their fundraiser “A Mile in Enable’s Shoes” asking willing participants to travel a mile in a way that is challenging to them. Most of us take walking for granted, it doesn’t pose any challenges day today. But for others, it can be physically or mentally exhausting.

Across the business willing participants got creative and travelled a mile to raise money for the 3 selected charities, Mencap, CALM and Endometriosis UK. Over the month of June, we were able to raise £1,650 that will go directly to these charities, allowing them to continue to deliver the amazing work they do.

We had some great pledges from our willing volunteers, from barefoot walks to putting your trust in a colleague to guide you on a blindfolded mile. Here are just some of the amazing efforts from our Mitie colleagues.

Adam Charlesworth, Commercial Manager and Co-Chair of the Enable network took on the challenge of walking 30 miles in June, smiling and saying “hello” to everyone he met along the way.

“I quickly realised that some people were just not that friendly… or maybe they are but we’re not feeling happy that day. This made me realise that many people live with physical or mental pain daily. I may never know, nor wish to live with this kind of pain but wondered what I could do to discomfort myself for a mile to highlight to myself how tough some days are for some people.”  

Adam finished his challenge by walking a mile barefoot along a shingle beach.

“I was certainly painful, with every step I hobbled my way closer to the end. It took me 38 minutes, a distance I would normally cover in at least half that time, again helping me realise some of the challenges others have to overcome in their daily lives.”  

Kim Turner, Delivery Manager for Tech Services opted for a 3-legged blindfolded mile with a friend.

Alan Maunder, Account Director for ECC and Helen Hudson, Business Manager, took on the challenge of a blindfolded mile.​​​​​​​ 

Alan said, “What I have learned is that simply walking without sight is a world of fear, uncertainty, anxiousness and 100% trust in your partner is required, there are thousands of people that can’t simply take their blackout glasses off and every day is one of uncertainty anxiousness and fear, and I thank everyone who donated as every penny makes a huge difference.”

Foundation Lead Lexi Tsalkitzoglou and her dog Indi, walked 5 miles a day (150 miles total).

A big thank you to everyone that took part in the challenge and to anyone that donated to the cause! Well done all!